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Indoor Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras are cost effective and come with high quality video in a small compact design. Dome Cameras have become the most popular style of security cameras in the surveillance industry. Dome are aesthetically pleasing for a home or business security application. There are numerous types of cameras to choose from with many different qualities and functions. You can choose dome security cameras for indoor or outdoor security installations, and you can choose from numerous types of lens options to make sure you are viewing the area you are trying to secure.

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Outdoor Bullet Camera

Provizion Bullet Cameras are small Video Cameras that are shaped like a rifle bullet. Infrared Bullet Cameras are larger in diameter than standard bullet cameras. Bullet Cameras easily mount on ceilings or walls. The main advantage of Bullet Cameras is their low cost and long range both in day and night vision. Although they have a low cost, they still are very powerful and provide excellent Picture Quality and Video Recording.

There are many variations of Bullet Cameras to choose. Some of higher resolution than others, some have more IR to see longer range at night. We guarantee we can provide the right Bullet Camera for your CCTV needs.

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PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom)

Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras are some of the most versatile cameras on the market. They can pan (move left and right), tilt (move up and down), and zoom in or out. Additionally, PTZ domes can rotate 360 degrees and view an object directly below them. A camera’s motion is remotely controlled with a keyboard. Patrol movements can also often be programmed. This allows users to pan, tilt, and zoom into a specific area with just a push of a button. Preset patterns can also be triggered automatically even when the user is not near the keyboard. This is done by connecting devices such as a magnetic door contacts, motion detectors, and panic buttons directly to the camera. When a certain device is triggered, the camera can move to look in a predetermined specific location.

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DVR Recorders

DVR and Digital surveillance systems bring security camera products and remote video to the highest level. Monitor your store, office, restaurant or warehouse remotely. Supervise employees while away from your business. Watch security camera activities anywhere worldwide. A DVR digital surveillance system offers live remote video monitoring from home or another computer. Digitally record up to 3 months or longer and retrieve archived DVR video instantly.

DVR is your digital video recording solution. Videotapes are no longer needed. A single DVR digital security system integrates all the traditional analog cctv equipment into a state-of-the-art surveillance package.

Provizion offers

4 Channel Standalone DVR’s
8 Channel Standalone DVR’s
16 Channel Standalone DVR’s
Also available are the DVR Cards:

DVR Cards easily plug into any computer and store the video images on the computer hard drive.
DVR Cards also come in 4 Channel, 8 Channel and 16 Channel options.

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IP Cameras

Provizion has a wide variety of IP cameras. These network IP cameras allow you to monitor and surveillance your home or office anywhere in the world via the internet. The potential advantages of IP network cameras are:

Two-way audio via a single network cable allows users to communicate with what they are seeing (e.g. gas station clerk assisting a customer on how to use the prepay pumps)
Higher image resolution: IP cameras have a resolution of at least 640×480 and can provide multi-megapixel resolution and HDTV image quality at 30 frames per second.

Flexibility: IP cameras can be moved around anywhere on an IP network (including wireless).
Distributed intelligence: with IP cameras, video analytics can be placed in the camera itself allowing scalability in analytics solutions.
Transmission of commands for PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras via a single network cable.
Encryption & authentication: IP cameras offer secure data transmission through encryption and authentication methods such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES.
Remote accessibility: live video from selected cameras can be viewed from any computer, anywhere, and also from many mobile smartphones and other devices.

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Our News

Provizion Adds Security Agency to its list of Services


Capable Warrior Security Agency Inc is the new and improved Security Agency that is taking the Philippines by storm and is now protecting Numerous Businesses from Metro Manila to Ilocos Norte and all the way down to Batangas.

Highly Trained Security Guards that perform at a higher level than your average company. Capable Guards are indeed very capable at making sure that your business is 100% Secure.

Free CCTV Preventative Maintenance is given to all of our Security Guard clients.  We understand the importance of CCTV.  We also know that most systems are going down because of lack of maintenance.  This is a Paramount project for us.  We Insure that our Clients CCTV system never fails when you need it most.

We offer State of the Art New Technology for our Security Guards such as GPS Software that tracks the guards Roving Patrols anywhere in the Philippines.  using a Smart Phone the guard simply scans the QR Code at each point of location around the perimeter of the area and at all locations that guard must be at.  Clients can view and monitor this activity in Real Time from their Smart Phone or Laptop 24/7

Our Security Agency has a new 911 Emergency Command Post.  This is perfect for Subdivisions, Developers, Land projects where Residents of a Subdivision can access our 24 Hour Guard Post that is Locally stationed at their Local Guard House and if an Emergency should arise this can be Life Saving to members of the community.

Simply Click the Button and Chat Live with the Guard House.  In an Instant, the guards can call the local Police or Fire Department and dispatch one of their own security officers to the scene.

So many great new Technologies are available with Provizion’s new Capable Warrior Security Agency.

Call today for your free Security Assessment  (02)219-6737


Philippines Jumps On Distributed Energy Bandwagon

The Philippines joined the rapidly growing list of countries allowing consumers who generate their own electric power to sell excess supplies back to the electric grid for a reasonable price.

Last week, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), the principal government agency responsible for regulating…

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Phl investment in solar power pushed (

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MANILA, Philippines – More lawmakers want the government to invest in solar power to promote energy stability, attain energy independence from oil-dependent energy sources and address the power crisis in the country.

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