The Advancement in CCTV Surveillance Systems – From Ancient Time to Today!

CCTV surveillance systems are nothing new to the scenario. They have been in use since the very beginning of civilization. But the very first CCTV camera that came in light used to be relatively crude, conspicuous and low definition black & white units. Of course, these units were good enough to capture something but they lacked the ability to zoom or pan. Still these cameras had been proven very useful at that time since they helped operators to keep tabs on multiple locations at a time. They have worked wonderfully to serve as a sort if crime deterrent as due to the presence of a CCTV camera, offenders were immediately discouraged to do anything wrong. After all, potential burglars and criminals will defiantly have to think several times before executing their evil plans if a camera is present there.

So, undoubtedly CCTV Surveillance Systems have been doing wonders to provide a safe scenario to the people but still these efficient modes of technology was not so perfect to do the job and needed some specific features to be included. Keeping this need in mind, the manufacturers, technicians and engineers worked together to upgrade the quality of these cameras and include the lacked features to the device so that it may rightly fit to the need of today’s epoch.

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Today’s CCTV surveillance systems benefit from the latest advancements in power efficiency and micro technology to deliver full-color videos in a format that can easily be saved, reviewed, zoomed, panned and manipulated for greater focus and accuracy. In fact, the recorded footage of these cameras is so good in quality that it can stand as legal evidence I the court against a culprit.

Here are a few of the key characteristics of today’s CCTV Surveillance Systems –

  • Modern surveillance systems come with high-definition cameras that can barely be noticeable and are easily hidden.
  • These cameras require less maintenance-intensive and can focus to resolve minute details clearly.
  • For digital image analysis, video sensors can also be integrated into CCTV surveillance systems.
  • They can also be completely computer-controlled; hence, can be used with other video-related hardware and applications.
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems can be programmed to start recording when a partnered alarm is tripped or at certain user-specified times.
  • Modern CCTV surveillance systems can do things like report events, store and stream videos.
  • They can even be programmed to record automatically with a prior internet setting by their owners.

These are just a few of the advancements that stand in today’s CCTV cameras, many more are in the pipeline.