Aerial Drone CCTV Robots now in the Philippines!

Provizion PH

Provizion is deploying the first aerial drone CCTV system in the Philippines this year with cutting edge laser technology to view infrared from as far as 200 meters with precision High Definition.

New technologies are finally coming to the Philippines that will help protect local business or government interests with expanded CCTV and Video Surveillance.

Additional CCTV systems are also available with Incredible technology such as:

  • Long Range Night Vision IP Cameras
  • Wireless and or Solar Powered IP Cameras

Smart IP Cameras with Line Detection, Facial Recognition, Heat Detection, People Counting, Object Lost Detection and more.

Get your upgraded CCTV Security Assessment and you can watch your company better and protect your employees, visitors, family and the general public from nefarious elements.

Provizion also has the most highly trained Security Guards in the industry that use the latest technology to report activities, inspections, touring activities, safety checks and more.

Get a free demo of a life saving technology that can not only save lives but guaranteed to help you sleep better at night knowing your business or home is optimally protected from any threat or intruders.


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