People Counting, Vehicle Monitoring
Object Classification and Intrusion Detection
Left/Removed Object Detection
Loitering Detection
Tamper Detection
Intelligent Video Analytic Software
PROVIZION’s Intelligent Video Analytics software has been designed to operate with both indoor and outdoor cameras and both analog and IP based cameras, detecting a wide range of surveillance situations involving people, vehicles and other objects. A comprehensive range of detection filters provide the means to discriminate the object behaviors appropriate to each surveillance scene, meaning that classification is always accurate. Easy to set up, PROVIZION’s Video Analytics Software automatically adjusts to the conditions it encounters, meaning that it is ideal for both experienced and untrained personnel to use, and can even be used within the home. This contrasts greatly with alternative software setups, which can have as many as 100 algorithm setup parameters just to adjust filters and adjust to lighting conditions. With factors such as this, it is easy to see that Aventura has been developed to produce real, working results, solely with the end-user in mind.
Although PROVIZION’s Intelligent Video Analytics software is ready to use from the box, specific configuration requirements can also be made to guarantee that you are getting exactly what you need. Multiple overlapping detection zones and lines can be set, ensuring that no sight goes unseen and all information is on one screen. This is in conjunction with the supporting 3D scene perspective, which automatically discriminates between human and vehicle objects, while rejecting others. The rapid ‘learning time’ of just two seconds also means that images are detected and classified almost instantly.