CCTV Cameras in the Philippines: Different Types of CCTV Cameras

According to the reports released by Unisys Security Index, Filipinos topped the global survey in concern over security. So, it is not just a rumor but the fact that Folks of the Philippines value their privacy. This concern should also extend to their homes and offices. After all, it is not only your credit card information or personal identity that must be protected but your place of living and working must be protected too. So, keep an eye on who is intruding or trespassing in your property with the help of surveillance CCTV cameras.

However, it is essential to choose the right type for the right location and application. Therefore, here, I am discussing different types of CCTV cameras.

Dome CCTV Camera:

This type of camera is mostly used for indoor security and surveillance applications. The name ‘dome camera’ is derived from their dome shaped housing in which they are installed. This housing is designed to make cameras unobtrusive but not hidden. Retail stores, showrooms, warehouses, metro stations and similar establishments are highly suitable for installing these cameras as they are unobtrusive yet visible from distance which discourages people to do any awful thing. Speed dome cameras enable the surveillance operator to move the camera as some models are available with automated pan/tilt/zoom functionality where the camera is moved on time basis.

Bullet CCTV Camera:

These CCTV cameras come in a long, cylindrical and tapered shape which resembles the shape of a rifle bullet. They are not typically designed to have pan/tilt/zoom control but to capture images from a fixed location and are installed for long distance viewing. It is a wall-mount or ceiling-mounted unit designed for indoor use but they can also be used for outdoor applications. If installed inside protective casings, they can be waterproofed and protected from dust, dirt, rain, hail and harmful elements.

Day/Night CCTV Camera:

These are the ones which have a distinct advantage of operating in both poorly lit and normal lit conditions. They don’t have infrared illuminators because they are capable of capturing clear images in varying light conditions and in the dark as well. It is ideal for outdoor usage where infrared CCTV cameras don’t function properly. Apart from this, they have a dynamic range to function in glare, sunlight, reflections and strong back light conditions for the entire time.

Network/IP CCTV Camera:

Both hardwired and wireless versions of network cameras are capable of transmitting images over the Internet after compressing the bandwidth. IP cameras are much easier to install when compared with analog cameras as there is no need for separate cables or power boost to send images over the long distance.

HD CCTV Camera:

Ultra high definition cameras are mainly used to install in places like banks, casinos and similar places. This gives the operator the ability to zoom in to get the picture with extreme clarity. For instance, in casinos, these cameras help to look at a poker player who might have something up their sleeve.

If you are looking to buy CCTV Camera for your property in the Philippines, make sure you choose the right one as you can notice from the above information that every CCTV camera is different and serves the purpose well only if it is installed at the right location and for the right application.