Why CCTV is important in your Home & Business!

Why should you install CCTV in your house and make sure all entries and exits are covered?

The same is true for your business but entry and exits are where you will capture the times and dates of people entering and leaving your facility.

This might be useful if something is found missing or a perpetrator needs to be identified.

#1 – Make sure cameras are positioned properly. Capture a wide enough viewing angle to see where people go after they enter and who is with them.

#2 – Your cameras should be at least 1080P or 2.0 Megapixel although some areas might need to increase to 5MP if things are too far away or a higher resolution is needed.

#3 – use different types of cameras depending on the location. The one thing that bothers me is that most CCTV installers in the Philippines use the same camera lens for all locations. This is not adequate security.

Example, depending on the position of the incoming sunlight or the lighting, a WDR camera should be used to reduce light exposure. Long hallways or narrow areas..

Don’t use a wide angle lens when a 7mm would better focus properly. If your business is upgrading its CCTV or Security Guard services, Call us for a free ocular – (02)219-6737      09275582554

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