Why your company might benefit from Cat 6A Structured cable over Cat 5e.

Is Cat 5e becoming obsolete?   It might be time to explore faster speeds and better cabling concepts

Did you know most of the Cat 5e worldwide is already outdated?

Gradually Cat 6A or Cat 7, as its pricing is reduced and since it provides much better bandwidth and higher data transfer rates as compared to CAT5E; they are becoming the minimum standard for cable installations.

CAT6A cables have the potential to support data transfer up to 10GBPS at the bandwidth of 500MHZ

Here in the Philippines especially with all of the BPO services and new high-tech infrastructure and the movement toward a faster internet speed, its becoming more and more necessary to set up your office or building with higher grade possibilities.

Our technicians are certified experts in Bandwidth technology and we are now offering our knowledge base to local companies and free ocular assessment for your next project.

The cost factor is minimal when upgrading your facility especially when you compare it to the amount of money you can add for rental of your business establishments..

If your a business with faster internet it means your business has the ability to earn more money.

Less Downtime, More productivity, Faster transactions, Better customer experiences and more.

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