Five Significant Features of CCTV Digital Video Camera!

CCTV Digital Camera

Over the decades, CCTV Digital Video Cameras have evolved significantly in terms of new features, quality of images, recording, connectivity and much more. But it is not like that everybody is familiar with them, people need guidance before buying a suitable surveillance camera for installing in their homes, offices, workshops, warehouses or any other place. Asking some help from marketing consultants can be just a waste of time as they are all meant to sell their products by luring you with their polished words and jargons. Thus, before you choose CCTV Camera either for home or business, going through below points will give brief idea what you should look for.

Storage Type:

At present, CCTV Digital Video Cameras are available with in-built SD card slot. SD cards of various capacities such as 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB can be inserted for storage of recordings. However, these are advanced versions and you need to spend more money than cameras which don’t have internal storage and depend on the surveillance hard disk in the DVR.

Remote Rotation:

Some modern CCTVs can pan up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. The maximum angle that CCTV camera can rotate horizontally is called as Pan and while vertically is tilt. Certain cameras can even be remotely rotated with their apps. So, if you need to monitor larger area, you should buy camera with higher pan/tilt.

Quality of Image:

You can find cameras of higher resolution such as 720p (1MP) or 1080p in the market. The greater the resolution, the better will be the image quality. But before buying higher resolution cameras, keep in mind that they need large internal storage to record a day’s video. Usually, 1MP camera approximately takes up to 38 GB of data space for recording a whole day video. In case, you have a DVR of large internal storage in terabytes, you can consider buying high resolution camera.

Waterproof Feature:

When you need to install a surveillance camera outside the building, it is better to buy a camera which is waterproof. So that it wouldn’t get damaged or malfunctioned in rainy season or non seasonal showers.


Cameras with greater range can capture clear object images of far away distance. The range of a camera is dependent on the focal length and size of image sensor. Especially, if you need camera for installing outside, you should go for higher range camera.

Night Vision:

It is better to buy CCTV Digital Video Camera which is featured with night vision quality. The quality of image for night vision depends on Infra Red (IR) LEDs. The greater the number of IR LEDs, the better will be the quality of night time recordings.

So, these are the most basic features for CCTV camera that you must keep in mind while shopping. Apart from these features, you can also look for more advanced features like video chat, motion and audio sensor, inbuilt hotspot and much more.