Why Hiring Armed Security Guard Services is an Ideal Choice?

Armed security guards protect the surroundings, people and property they are hired for. However, if you are under the illusion that anyone can become an armed security guard or they are just ordinary people holding a firearm, you are wrong.

In this blog, we will talk about why armed security guards are the ideal choice:

Armed security guards are usually hired by private firms. They are intelligent and highly trained to handle even the worst kind of situations. In general, these guards are the ones that are retired military personnel. Just like other professionals, it is mandatory to fulfill set criteria to become an armed security guard.

According to Republic Act of Philippines, No. 5487, the candidate who applies in this field must be a Filipino citizen, a high school graduate, and physically and mentally fit person. When it comes to age, the guard must not be less than 21 years old or more than 50 years old.

A security guard is allowed to possess firearms only after he/she has passed the requirements stated by the Chief, Philippine Constabulary pertinent to the possession of firearms of any caliber not higher than 45-caliber.

These are just the Philippines Regulations:

Apart from them, many security guard agencies also require good communication skills in English or sometimes in a particular language that offers its armed security guard services to international or multinational companies along with local businesses and residential premises.

Candidates who are appointed as armed security guards go through a number of training programs conducted by some special type of agencies, coaching, scout schools, and colleges.

Besides, a skilled guard is also expected to have following qualities:

  • Law-binding
  • Proper knowledge of operation and maintenance of security equipment
  • Ability to deal with breaches, crowd control, vandalism, etc.
  • Instant response to emergencies
  • Tendency to prevent crimes
  • Loyal and faithful

An armed security guard must be certified and licensed to carry firearms. They have to pass several tests including background scrutiny, drug or nicotine test, eye test, etc.

Security Training Courses

Security education and training has a crucial importance. Security guards are taught about principles, concepts, and analytical and problem solving skills. They are trained with a set of skills they will or might need in the future: Some of the trainings that can be done by potential security guards are as follows:

  • Pre-licensing Training Certificate – to execute the control system in the workplace, perform basic communication skills, respond to emergency situations, and learn marksmanship skills and defensive techniques.
  • Basic ROTC/CMT Certificate – required by college level students as a requirement for completing National Service Training Program.
  • Retirement Order or Discharged Order (PNP/AFP) – for people that are from the Philippines National Police, or the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

So, you can easily gather that armed security guards are not just any random person holding firearms. They are well-trained, skilled, and educated personnel who can defend you against adverse situations. So, don’t hesitate and hire armed security guard services without any second thoughts to protect yourself, your property, and your surroundings.