How to Limit Your Company’s Losses from Theft.

How to Limit Your Company’s Losses from Theft.

Every Company in the Philippines will incur some losses from theft but there are ways to reduce and deter this from happening.

Here is a quick 5 Point Checklist to make sure your company is compliant with the security best practices:

1) All Employees must come In and Out of the building using the same entry and exit point. metal detector wands and bag checking should be done regularly.

2) Flash inspections of locker rooms and high-risk areas should be done randomly.

3) Monitor all garbage outgoing and guard inspection should be done daily.

4) CCTV cameras should be adequately installed and working in all high-risk areas

5) Contractors and Deliveries should be monitored with a guard on duty to check the incoming and outgoing vehicles regularly If guards on duty are doing their job properly, this will save the company thousands if not millions of pesos per year in losses.

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