Provizion Mesh outdoor wireless networks combine a high-performance 802.11n multi-radio architecture and intelligent routing for greater reliability and scalability.

The result is a high-capacity, multiservice mesh network that is optimized for multimedia applications in municipal, public safety and industrial deployments.

The Provizion Mesh products include weather-proof single, dual- and quad-radio mesh routers that deliver fiber-like capacity – up to 450 Mbps per radio. Each software-configurable radio can function as a mesh backhaul link or Wi-Fi access point (AP) that operates in multiple frequencies for optimal performance and sustained throughput over multiple hops.

Industry-leading mesh performance and scalability
  • Reliable, high-performance networking utilizing intelligent routing technology.
  • Unprecedented multi-hop capacity with Provizion multi-radio architecture.
  • HD-quality video surveillance with Active Video Transmission System.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end security and traffic management.
  • Full suite of mesh tools to simplify planning, deployment and management.