Major Benefits of IP Based CCTV Surveillance Systems

Ever since IP camera systems have been introduced in the market, analog cameras have become a thing of the past. IP based surveillance systems are one of the best options for your business security systems and will also make it a lot easier and convenient to identify any areas of threat and suspicion. The major advantage of an IP camera system is that it provides better picture quality, but there are various more benefits of IP camera systems other than improved video quality.

Mentioned below are a few top benefits as well as reasons why IP camera surveillance systems are taking over the other options of CCTV solutions.

They Offer Better Resolution:

An IP based CCTV camera has the ability and feature to shoot video footage between 1 and 5 megapixels, which means that your image and video quality will be clearer, making it very easy to identify any person in the footage. IP security cameras also have a larger field of view as compared to analog cameras.

They are Easy to Install:

IP based CCTV cameras are actually very easy to install. Most of the IP cameras today come with the feature of plug and play, which makes it easier for people to install and use them. In addition to this, IP cameras also have a very easy cabling system. Unlike analog cameras which have a single cable that can only transmit the video signal, and also requires a separate power cable, IP security cameras use only a single cable that can be used for almost everything.

They Have an Ease of Remote Access:

With an IP camera system, you can sign in to a secure server remotely to view the real-time footage on computers and MAC, as well as on all types of mobile devices including Android-based devices and i Phones.

They are a Little Costly yet Very Effective and Useful:

Though IP based CCTV cameras can typically cost you more as compared to analog cameras, the entire IP camera system can still be very useful and effective. This is generally because IP based cameras have an incredibly larger field of view and also requires less equipment to set them up. This certainly means you can buy fewer IP based security cameras and still cover the same amount of area as that of analog cameras.

They Offer Video Analytics:

Video analytics allow you to receive full-time notifications to your connected devices if there is some type of threat or person detected. This means, with this benefit, you can get faster action of time. You can even set your CCTV cameras to automatically record the footage if any type of movement is detected in your premises.

As technology is increasing and improving day by day, the cost of IP camera systems is going down as well. As the cost of IP based surveillance cameras are becoming more affordable, combined with all the above-given advantages, you can surely consider it for your commercial or residential purposes. It is now the time to switch from analog cameras to advanced IP security systems.