The New Emergency 911 App is launching soon


Security guards and CCTV systems are there to protect the surroundings, property, and people.

They monitor buildings and other areas to prevent or stop incidents of threats, violence, theft and more. They are quick responders to natural safety disasters such as Fires, Earthquakes, Floods etc

Most security guards work in public and private sectors. From banks, museums, hospitals, corporate buildings, malls, and other areas and properties.

The Provizion team is enabling the latest technology to enhance the security of our clients in the Philippines by using smart learning technology. Our team of software engineers are set to release a Beta Prototype of our Emergency 911 system in the coming days and weeks ahead. With this latest technology, our ready Security Teams positioned all over the Philippines will have immediate access to a communication online app that our customers can download for free of charge. This app can be used to create a Panic Button in case of an emergency. Residents of a village (For Example) can notify guards on duty of a potential threat simply by pushing a button on their smartphone. Through GPS and Video technology, our guards will deploy to the immediate area. Much more to come on this latest development.

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