OFF Grid Systems are the perfect solution for Brown Outs and Black Outs. This system can keep your home running on full electricity for months even when the entire city has NO Power.

If you are concerned about the rotating brownouts affecting your life, setting up an Off Grid Solar System can save you money and protect you completely during those energy failures.

100 Watt 500 Watt 1 Kilowatt 3 Kilowatt 5 Kilowatt 10 Kilowatt 100 Kilowatt

Off Grid Systems are packaged with all the materials needed to run a complete system independently from the local power company. In order to build a successful Off Grid power system for your home or business you will need the following items

1) Solar Panels – This Turns sunlight into electric energy.
2) Solar Charge Controller- Makes sure that your batteries don’t overcharge.
3) Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter
4) Deep Cycle Solar Batteries to store your electricity at night when the sun is not shining

Each home is different and every system needs slight modifications in design. The system is dependent on the amount of sunlight your house receives and the positioning of your house in reference to the sunlight. Other necessary components are the build of your rooftop for mounting the panels and how the wiring and battery storage will be provided for. There are a few other factors which must be evaluated prior to installation. Provizion has a unique online software which uses state-of-the-art Global Positioning Satellites to prepare a quotation for your location and based on these parameters we can estimate a proposal immediately.

We offer Packages for OFF GRID SYSTEMS

Starting at 500 Watt and going all the way to 100 Kilowatt in size. Since this area is highly specialized, we ask that you contact us for an initial quote after we have you fill out our questionnaire.

Here is a layout of how OFF GRID SOLAR is built

Our specialization is in custom-designed off grid solar systems that are crafted to exactly meet your individual needs, Provizion Solar has more than 10 years of experience and focuses strongly on customer service.
Not only will you speak with a real person when you call, but our experienced, knowledgeable employees can provide you with the information you need to ensure your off grid solar system is installed properly and continues to run at peak performance for years after.

For more information on off grid solar power and the benefits, including emergency power during natural disasters, contact us today.