to launch the first-ever Philippine Based Quick Response – Emergency 911 service. to launch the first-ever Philippine Based Quick Response – Emergency 911 service.

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Imagine having an Emergency Response App directly connected from your Smart Phone to your Security Guard Agency.

This new service is revolutionary in the security industry here in the Philippines. Now your Executive Village, Condominium Tower, Office Building where you work and anywhere you might be at any moment, you will easily and directly mobilize security officers during a crisis event.

97% of Disasters and risk threats can be mitigated if they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Here are some examples of threats that can save lives with Provizion’s New Emergency 911 App.

– Fires can be put out quickly
– Earthquake Disaster Quick Response and GPS locator
– Robbery and Burglary can be stopped
– Thefts in progress can be stopped
– Kidnapping Events can be immediately notified with details stored on the app by eyewitnesses.

– Life-Saving First Aid can be mobilized instantly to your location via the quick response team

We are excited and happy to put forth life-saving benefits for our Security clients and the general public we protect and serve every day.

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