When it comes to business loss prevention, CCTV surveillance stands out on top of the list. It really helps retailers with monitoring & investigating unfaithful employees, trip & fall scams, cash management, inventory management, robbery and many wrong-doings.

CCTV monitoring for retail loss prevention.

Many studies have clearly shown that retailers on average have recovered their CCTV investments (on average costs range from 20,000P up to Half million Peso)and 80% of Retailers will recover the expense within the first 6 months. This is mainly because retailers can easily monitor and analyze situations remotely via laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. CCTV Surveillance system can also help retailers make better decisions based on analytic data gathered by CCTV surveillance cameras.

With the ability to monitor CCTV Cameras remotely from anywhere in the world, it gives retail business owners a peace of mind. It also helps retail business owners to keep track of employee performance and ensure their integrity.

Following are some eye opening facts.

-> In the USA, retailers lose $35 million worth of goods daily which accumulates up to $13 billion a year. Philippines has not created a census number but estimates believe that number is equal to the Philippines per capita.
-> In the US, there are approximately 27 million shoplifters this indicates that 1 out of every 11 people in your store is a shoplifter and in the past 5 years only 10 million were caught shoplifting. This number is expected to increase if equated to the Philippine market.

-> According to Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, retail businesses will lose approximately 6% of their revenue from employee theft.

These facts are to remind all retail business owners that their best customer and best employee are likely to hurt their business by shoplifting and commit nefarious activities. So, how can you reduce this type of theft? Many leading security experts highly recommend by selecting the right type of CCTV Surveillance system.
CCTV can really help with loss prevention. To learn more feel free to contact our sales department.