Security Guard Services in the Philippines and Things to be aware of

Security Guard Services in the Philippines and Things to take note of.

As I travel all over the Philippines and interview company managers who desire to upgrade existing security measures, I notice similar patterns that should be addressed.

Security & Safety should be a top-level priority – It is like an insurance policy for the company. However, most Security agencies place guards as an after-thought and only deal with their billing and collections.

But how about the improvement for the client?

Did the agency take the time to implement a new strategy?

Were the guards prepared and trained properly?

The Best Security Agencies will not just deploy and walk away never to be seen from until they collect their billing, but there should be multiple training, policy implementations, and steady actions by the guards and management that will immediately improve the quality of security from day 1.

There should be an action plan by the agency that is held accountable for their ability to act and improve the overall protection of the client.

Daily Drills and Daily Practice will prepare your team during an emergency situation. If guards are not practicing their training but once a year, do you think they are ready for the show when disaster strikes unexpectedly?

CCTV is another incredibly important to your business.

The cost is minimal as compared with the benefits.

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