Security Guards are a Must Have in the Philippines!



Let us take a look at your present security team and instructed security measures for 2019.

Free Security Consultation from renowned experts in the industry are here to help evaluate the pro’s and con’s of your existing security KPI program.

Lets dive into Training and Onsite Awareness and accountability.

Are your Guards being trained and engaged properly on the job to continue to offer the best coverage and service to protect your company to the highest degree?

Security Guards in Manila or in the Philippines are an important part of our day to day life. Security Teams should be on top of every situation. It comes down to Leadership, training, Education and constant attention to detail.

Our teams here at Provizion / Capable Warrior are trained by US Military Officers and learn special skills not taught in the Philippines.

Our systems are unique in that we have a proprietary Security Guard Management System.

Our Guards do online reporting through our GPS technology and can view real time onsite and all process reports for the activities that guards perform each day that protect your company.

Without this accountability program, how will you know if your guards are doing the proper functions every day to help keep your facility safe from danger, theft, robbery or any other potential life event that can cause havoc on your business.

Our Security personnel also conduct a FREE CCTV Preventative Maintenance on your facility at NO Cost to our clients. This means that your protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can rest easily to know that all systems are in check and all proper documentations are in order.

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