Solar Lighting – Street Lights, Bus Stop Lighting, and More for the whole of the Philippines in every city Nationwide.

From bus stops to street lights and much more, solar lighting from Provizion Solar provides the most flexible, reliable, and efficient solar solution to virtually any outdoor lighting need. Requiring no external power, these self-contained systems work well virtually anywhere in Philippines – year round and during all weather conditions. Because you don’t need to run lines to install them. Saves money and Saves the Planet from harmful greenhouse gases.

Benefits of solar lighting include:

  • No trenching, which can damage other lines
  • Almost no maintenance required
  • Easy Installation
  • Battery backup for cloudy weather
  • Long-lasting lights LED over 50,000 hours or 10 Years
  • Can be used in environmentally-sensitive and remote areas
Many types of Solar Streetlights to choose
Pole Mounted Battery

Below Ground Battery Storage

Provizion Solar Streetlights are affordable and have many options to choose. Prices range from as low as 35,000P per light to 65,000P depending on the options needed such as LED brightness from 30Watt LED, 42Watt LED or 60Watt LED. This will then decide the size of the Solar Panels and Battery Storage.

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