The Importance of CCTV

Closed-Circuit Television widely known as CCTV is being used in practically all office buildings for surveillance purposes. Although there are security guards working around the clock but the installment of such devices will further enhance the safety of the building and as a proof for any intruders entering the building illegally or for tracing any damages caused within the premises.

It is also common these days to see household CCTV installed to check on your maid and to insure your children or the elderly are being taken care of properly. With remote viewing now available, you can monitor even while working abroad from your home or office. You can easily monitor your CCTV Cameras from your Smart Phone / PC anytime and anywhere to ensure there are no misdoings at your house.

CCTV in Public Areas

Public places are often seen with CCTV for road safety and public surveillance at ATM machines, lifts, shopping malls, and of course tight security places such as army camps, police stations and securely functioned without the need of human involvement. Therefore the use of CCTVs is nothing new to most of us and whenever your office or your family needs a peace of mind, it is always the first thing you can consider doing by just making a phone call and the next moment everything will be well taken care of.

Why CCTV is becoming more and more indispensable at most places? The reason being that the ability to capture solid pictures, for any criminal offences and evidences for tracking possible culprits, had been time and again proven that the effectiveness of CCTV is the best option for such instances. People may at times commit serious mistakes providing evidence whether orally or in written forms. Whereas in the case of CCTV evidence, there is just too difficult to deny the facts in the video footage as “Seeing is Believing” ; so even hard-core criminals like bank robberies, high-tech mafia, can hardly evade under CCTV surveillance which can be hidden somewhere while crimes are taking place.