Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Security Guard Team Regularly

cctv camera

Security guards have a big responsibility.

You don’t want to hire bad guards. What are some signs you might have hired bad guards? First, do your guards seem distracted? Are they more interested in trolling Facebook on their smartphone than paying attention to what’s going on right in front of them? Do they seem like they’re always on their phone? Who are they talking to? Are they using the Internet and not doing their job? If so, they’re too distracted and shouldn’t be a guard.

Furthermore, if they seem “spaced out” or “not all there,” they’re a bad guard. Basically, good guards are ever-present and focused on their job. There are many factors to consider. Security should be the top priority. One minor problem or lack of solid security in your business and the whole thing built for decades can come crumbling down in one single incident.

Make sure to Audit Everything. make sure Safety & Security Standards are improved, followed and strictly enforced. Use Technology to check Guards performance and demand for regular update and reports For your Free Security Risk Assessment please contact us (02) 219-6737 09275582554 Info@CapableWarrior.com